For scientists eager to get into single-cell sequencing technology but unsure of where to begin.

Exploring Single-Cell Sequencing Technology

Discover. Learn. Implement.  
The online course that will upgrade your scientific knowledge on single-cell sequencing technology.
"Nearly 60% of scientists new to single-cell sequencing face a steep learning curve, indicating a high demand for simplified educational resources."
60% is a lot of scientists for me. Technology should be simpler to understand. I now have a new educational resource to help you.



  • Finding comprehensive information about the different single-cell sequencing technologies
  • Understanding the differences between technologies
  • Recognizing their limitations
  • Knowing the key factors for planning successful single-cell sequencing experiments
  • Being well-informed about available kits

  • You are overwhelmed by the scientific publications and talks about single-cell sequencing technology
  • Frustrated! Looking for the differences between technologies can be a nightmare.
  • Technology works perfectly (until you start using it)
  • Surprised when realizing that you missed a key consideration when planning the experiment
  • It is difficult to know if you are buying the right kits
We completely get why single-cell sequencing technology might seem hard to understand.
You may have thought that going to scientific talks or reading research papers would be enough.
 It turns out that this is not the case, leaving you wondering where to get reliable and comprehensive information...
What about if we tell you that we've condensed all the essential knowledge you need into simple, easy-to-understand information?
All scientists

All Scientists

Beginner Level

Beginner Level

Self Paced


No, you will not have to read scientific papers or watch previously recorded seminars.
With the "Exploring Single-Cell Sequencing Technology" online course, you'll learn step-by-step, from simple basics to more advanced topics. This way, you'll really understand this technology.

In the EXPLORING SINGLE-CELL SEQUENCING TECHNOLOGY online course, you will gain knowledge about...

Single-Cell Omics
You will explore the diverse single-cell omics, such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and multiomics.
Single-Cell Sequencing Technology
You'll gain insights into a comprehensive range of methodologies, with a special emphasis on commercially available options.
Single-Cell Sequencing Experiments
You will gain knowledge of single-cell experiments. The steps and key considerations.
Essentials of Data Analysis
You will learn the basic concepts and terminology needed to understand what happens in single-cell data analysis.
Ready to join the online course Exploring Single-Cell Sequencing Technology?
BTW, you will just need 40 minutes per week. Besides, there is no deadline to finish. The access is for ...a lifetime.

Let's see the course modules, for this 3rd edition then...

MODULE 1: Onboarding 

MODULE 2: The Basics

MODULE 3: The Different Single-Cell Omics 

MODULE 4: The Steps of a Single-Cell Sequencing Experiment

MODULE 5: The Single-Cell Sequencing Methods

MODULE 6: The Commercial Single-Cell Sequencing Technology
(access to an exclusive single-cell sequencing kits data base) 

MODULE 7: NGS, 3rd Generation Sequencing & Single-Cell Experiments

MODULE 8: ABCs of Single-Cell Sequencing Data Analysis 

MODULE 9: Closing and Future Remarks 
  • Class: Basics of Single-Cell Research
  • Q&A Recordings from previous editions
  • Support Material

How it will work?

Recorded Classes

Each Tuesday at 6 p.m. ( Lisbon time) a new module will be released

Recordings of Live Sessions

You will get access to previously scheduled live Q&A sessions where we discuss your questions.

Daily Support

You'll get access through the online platform created to offer daily support and guidance.



Each module will have a questionnaire  to consolidate what you have learned. 



You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of this two-month course.



More than 86 scientists paid for this online course.
Besides, as a wet-lab researcher and scientific advisor, Cátia helped a lot of others with their single-cell sequencing experiments. From experimental design through execution, data interpretation, and troubleshooting.
The investment that you need to make to upgrade your scientific knowledge

8 weeks of classes

Daily support at the online platform 

Quizzes and extra support material

Access to Q&A recorded sessions

Lifetime access to this course (including new editions)

Who is teaching this course?


Hi, I am Cátia Moutinho

I am a biologist and expert on helping scientists who want to learn or use single-cell and spatial technologies without getting lost.

I am a wet-lab researcher who decided not to continue as a single-cell technology development group leader but instead to start her own educational project. 

In 2016, I started at a single-cell research lab. I remember that it was overwhelming and confusing. Technology seemed complex and information was hard to find. My background then was in cancer genetics and epigenetics. Recognizing these challenges, I launched The Single-Cell World project in 2022, featuring a podcast and a blog.

My aim?

To demystify single-cell and spatial technologies and guide scientists in choosing the most effective approaches for their projects.

I believe that simplicity, supported by deep knowledge, is essential for accelerating progress in science.

So, here you have me simplifying complex technology for you. Of course, after spending a lot of years studying and doing research.

My mission is to make this powerful technology understandable and accessible for all scientists.

Exploring The Single-Cell Sequencing Technology Online Course


  • you know what is a cell and its constituents
  • you are interested in single-cell sequencing technology
  • you have basic knowledge of molecular biology
  • you are a wet-lab or dry-lab researcher


  • you don't know what a cell is. 
  • you don't have basic knowledge of molecular biology
  • no interest in single-cell sequencing technology
  • you are interested in learning data analysis  

What Do Others Say About This Course? 

Vanda Knitlhoffer 

Thank you for organising this course. This and your podcast helped me with preparation to an interview for a single cell wet-lab position! 


Joāo Sobral

A very good course for people that are entering the single-cell theme, for the first time, because there is information for all the steps of an experiment workflow. Loved the opportunity to chat and present our doubts once a week.

Lara Clarke

Course was a great introduction to single-cell research. It provides a great insight into multiple technologies.



What will you feel when finishing the Exploring Single-Cell Sequencing online course?

- Peace of mind (oh, yes) understanding exactly what single-cell sequencing technology is
- Satisfaction with attending the next research paper or talk about this technology
- Security at the time of choosing the technology for your next project
- Relief when planning your next experiment.
- Confidence when talking about single-cell technology
- Happiness when new collaborations arrive, now that you know about this cutting-edge technology.


Exploring Single-Cell Sequencing Technology

Discover, Learn, Implement.
From December 12 until February 6

(December 11 we will close the registration for this offer)

- 8 weeks of classes

- Daily questions answered through the online platform

- Quizzes and extra support material

- Access to Q&A recorded sessions

- Lifetime access to this course (including new editions)

Week dedication: max. 1 hour.

An online course of 8 weeks that gives you in-depth knowledge of single-cell sequencing technology enhancing your research capabilities.

The investment that you need to make to upgrade your scientific knowledge

Offer is only valid until 11/12/2023, 11:59 p.m.  (Lisbon time)

8 weeks of classes

Daily support at the online platform 

Quizzes and extra support material

Access to Q&A recorded sessions

Lifetime access to this course (including new editions)